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  She kept ordering whiskey. It seemed like she was doing it just for the fun of it or maybe... When Sally came back with another portion she said "Come up closer, I want to tell you something" Sally drew closer - close enough to notice her mistress's stocking lace. She waited for her to say something, but she didn't utter a single word. As she listened to that silence Sally felt this heat streaming through her young body. She couldn't explain it, couldn't get rid of it. Maybe she didn't want to try. Being so close to a hot gorgeous woman Sally got out of control. Unable to contain herself she started kissing her mistress's feet...

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"Let's get down to business" - she said. And she meant it, too. Taking off her master's sports trousers she got straight to the point playing with his cock. Boy, was she wild! Taking his cock into her sweet red mouth she started sucking it moaning and groaning. She did enjoy it, and that's what turned him on. Only she wouldn't let him move. He was her king. She was his servant... Her tender tongue kept caressing his throbbing dick. It was almost enough for him to cum, but she had a lot more in store for him...

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  That was the first time when she realized what "being good to your master" really meant. Now she was a lot more than his maid. She was his whore. Did she like that brand new feeling? She wasn't sure... Couldn't be... He was too rough to her:But again, she couldn't say she didn't enjoy it. She kept coming back to the moment when he made her spread her legs and entered her not paying attention to her pain... With these thoughts she entered the bedroom. Closing the door behind her, she started dusting the furniture trying not to look at him. His firm grip made her pause...

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